One of Those Days

One of Those Days

Ever had one of those days? The kind that starts when you wake up and have a gut feeling that today is going to be something awful…
No matter how hard you try, you can’t shake that sense of dread. One of those days.
I hope you all make it through.


Blessed by the Sun

Blessed by the Sun

Another vintage Blythe by Kenner, restored by me. I love the rainbow-esque aura that showed up!

Don’t Sleep to Dream

Don't Sleep to Dream

This was taken earlier this year. The doll is a vintage Blythe by Kenner.

Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye

I’m always inspired by dolls.
I love to get up early and take photos of them as the sun comes up. It’s always so peaceful; no cars or people mowing their lawns. Just me, my doll and a camera.



This is Mouse. A lazy tomboy who enjoys laying around and enjoying life…as a doll.
Still life photography using a pinhole filter.

Hello, I’m Agnes

Hello, I'm Agnes

This is an eerily lifelike portrait of one of my favorite dolls.
The poor dear looks like something not so sweet has happened to her. She is a strong yet stoic little girl.
I used a pinhole lens filter for this photo, taken at sunrise.

Reach Out

Reach Out

Still life photography
Inspired by “Through the Looking Glass”