Kissing Booth


Kissing booth

25 cents

Put your lips on hers

But at who’s expense?

Fireworks in your mind

Your lips part

Your eyes meet.

There was for sure a spark

Next in line pushes you away

Back to reality

But in this moment you stay

The fair comes to an end

The glow of the Ferris wheel is no longer

She leaves with a friend

You’ve never felt more somber.

How could she kiss all those other guys?

Didn’t your moment affect her too?

You think to yourself,

“I wonder what else she can do?”

You lay in your bed

Your mind goes wild

Can’t get her out of your head

Can’t stop thinking of her smile

The look on her face as you pulled away

God, there had to be something!

No one just kisses you with such heat.

Why didn’t you say anything?

You idiot! You didn’t speak.

She kissed like, 100 people tonight

Besides, you’re not worth remembering

Awkward, gangly, uptight

And now your hands are trembling

What is it with these other guys?

Out, playing women like Friday night home games

Are they there when their girlfriend cries?

Or are they just in it for fame.

“I totally nailed the head cheerleader”

Locker room banter

You’d never deceiver her

But you’re just a blip on the radar.

What if you could change

Show the suave, debonair man inside?

A change of clothes

Maybe a few crunches at the Y?

Reality check

“She’s All That” wasn’t based on true events.

So you turn on your side

It definitely was a night

New feelings, new senses

And, hey you’re still young

But if you find 25 cents,

Tomorrow you’ll use tongue.