Bring Me the Sun!


When will Spring come?  I think it has forgotten about us….

Digital painting created in Photoshop.

All Hail The Queen!


Bianca Del Rio!  Created with Adobe Illustrator.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I hope the queen herself approves…

Fashion Victims.



I couldn’t help myself.  A long, long time ago, Michael Kors said an outfit on Project Runway was “Slutty, slutty, slutty.”  I’ve been meaning to make a poster/flier including that little blip of a quote for a while.  Today was that day.

This was created in Illustrator and InDesign.



My favorite evil witch. I mean, what other Disney character calls everyone an idiot? This gal has awesome style and kick-butt tactics…Make EVERYONE paranoid to make clothes so they have to buy from outside cities. Talk about an outsourcing hero. She is the ultimate economy crasher. Thanks, Maleficent.
I made this in Illustrator using a wire mesh tool.



Magazine cover for the awkward fashionista. You know who you are…
Rainbow suspenders over a band logo tee-shirt…Hawaiian print button-up bowling shirts…oh man.
Some say “make it stop” but I say “keep it coming!”

“The last mosquito that bit me had to check into the Betty Ford Clinic”

Illustration of the iconic Patsy Stone of Absolutely Fabulous.
I was inspired by Lichtenstein artwork.

Freddie Mercury’s Dating Service pt.2

Freddie Mercury's Dating Service pt.2

This would be the inside of the brochure.
We offer services such as:
dating wingman, candlelight dinners, flirting seminars and even couple’s counseling!
What more could you ask for?
Did I mention that Freddie himself has a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Freddie Mercury’s Dating Service

Freddie Mercury's Dating Service

Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love?
Freddie can. He’s smooth, suave and ready to be your wingman.
This is a brochure (trifold) created using InDesign Stay tuned for part two!

The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar

I was told to make a graphic style dustcover for a novel of my choice.
I’ve always loved The Bell Jar. All graphics are custom made by me, with the exception of Sylvia Plath’s picture. This was created in Illustrator.