Please Don’t Tell Me to Smile

Have you ever noticed how men ask women to smile?  Not even ask…TELL them to smile.  It’s a pet peeve of mine.  In a way, that’s a form of controlling.  I could go way deeper into this subject but I’d probably get heated and this is more about photography.

Meet Camille.  She is a Coconut custom with a SUPER soft alpaca reroot.  I bought her for myself as a 30th birthday present.  Despite her painted on permanent frown, she really is sweet.  An instant fave.

Photos were taken with an Olympus Digital Camera.  A point and shoot as I do not have the funds for a DSLR.  Maybe someday….


Mina Plath

I adopted this lovely Minifee ShuShu from a friend a while ago.  She has a Viridian House face up!  I named her Mina Plath.  I wanted to name her Sylvia but I think Mina suits her better.

Photos were taken with an Olympus point and shoot with a pinhole setting.

Funny Bunny


This is Tookie.  I recently “adopted” her from a lovely lady in the UK.  She is a Tokissi Rabbit.

Tokissi rabbits are made in South Korea.  They come in various colors and their eyes can be changed, similar to ball jointed dolls.  They are made of PVC.  The cool thing about the brand Tokissi is the translation of their name.  “Tokissi” is a combination of the word “rabbit” and “miss” or “mister.”  So, this doll could be a boy.  Normally, they wear dresses but I still thought it was worth noting that they are gender neutral.

This photo was taken around 6:30 or 7 am here in Ohio.  (The best time for sunny shots.)  I used a regular point and shoot camera with a pop art setting.


Bring Me the Sun!


When will Spring come?  I think it has forgotten about us….

Digital painting created in Photoshop.

Make Me Pretty Barbie

Barbie is the ideal woman.  She can do it all.  She is a doctor, a baker, a vet, a mother and super gorgeous to boot.  If I could ask Barbie one thing, I would ask her “How do you do it?” which would be followed by her gasping for air and doubling over from her less-than-realistic body proportions.

Make Me Look Like Skipper
Do You Think I’m Pretty?

These photos were taken indoors with a sheet as the backdrop and a mirror as a prop.   I used a dramatic filter that exaggerates shadows.  The purpose theme is campy but somehow turned creepy.






Meet Lumen. She is a custom doll by the amazing ShePuppy.
This photograph was taken indoors with a little help from a black light.
She is laying on a mirror to reflect the glowing effect.

The Haunt

tempestEver feel like there’s something lingering about?  Not necessarily a ghost or a paranormal being…more like an emotion.

Sometimes I have a sense of dread.  A feeling of oppression.  It’s a frightening feeling!  There’s a darkness in my soul and I just want it to go away.

This photo was taken a while ago in color but I decided to edit in in Photoshop to play with the levels and, of course, change it to black and white.

I wish you all the best and have a good weekend.

Do You Believe in Magic?

magicWhen you’re young, anything is possible.  Your mind is vulnerable and open. I used to believe that dolls could really come to life when I wasn’t looking.  Even as an adult, I have the slight feeling that they are more than plastic.  It’s the emotion that is put into them.  The memories of that first toy and the adventures it went on.  Where are those toys now? Wouldn’t you love to know what they would be like if they were capable of talking? “Remember that time we went to the beach?  I loved living in that sand castle.” The comfort of a teddy bear’s hug is no longer enough.  Now we crave the attention of humans.  Unlike the inanimate object that absorbed the emotion and stories we created for them, adults ask for opinions; we want answers.  The veil of magic no longer exists.  As we grow older, magic is less and less impressive.  We can see that he is wearing a coat for a reason.  Where else would the birds come from? When you were a child, did you really care what the color of your neighbor’s skin was?  Or why a family had two mommies?  I don’t recall (in my lifetime) questioning their worth.  All I saw was a friend.  Love.  More people to hear stories from. What would you say if you could go back in time?  Would you tell your child self to sit up straight?  Don’t eat candy?  Would you dare tell them that two mommies is wrong?  Imagine your child self’s reaction.  I know my first word would be: Why? Children are innocent.  They are raised to become the adults we know today.  If I were to give my child self advice I would say, “Never lose faith in yourself.  Stay true to who you are.”  I wouldn’t say anything about my beloved dolls.  That would be wasting breath.

One of Those Days

One of Those Days

Ever had one of those days? The kind that starts when you wake up and have a gut feeling that today is going to be something awful…
No matter how hard you try, you can’t shake that sense of dread. One of those days.
I hope you all make it through.

Some Days are Just a Blur

Some Days are Just a Blur

Lately, things have been passing me by. I’ve missed so much of my life sitting around doing nothing. Soon I will be having surgery on my foot. I really hope that will improve my mobility and improve my health!
Photo of a Blythe doll with a custom face by me.