Please Don’t Tell Me to Smile

Have you ever noticed how men ask women to smile?  Not even ask…TELL them to smile.  It’s a pet peeve of mine.  In a way, that’s a form of controlling.  I could go way deeper into this subject but I’d probably get heated and this is more about photography.

Meet Camille.  She is a Coconut custom with a SUPER soft alpaca reroot.  I bought her for myself as a 30th birthday present.  Despite her painted on permanent frown, she really is sweet.  An instant fave.

Photos were taken with an Olympus Digital Camera.  A point and shoot as I do not have the funds for a DSLR.  Maybe someday….


Bring Me the Sun!


When will Spring come?  I think it has forgotten about us….

Digital painting created in Photoshop.

What Ever Happened to Pinkerton Floyd?

Please enjoy a video I made last Friday.

The premise is simple: Pinkerton is being interrogated and he won’t talk.

Side note:  He does this head shaking thing every time he is held!  Ever since he was a little pup(?) he always reacted like this!  He’s not in pain or anything.  Pinkerton is one of the most pampered chinchillas I’ve ever seen.


That face….

That face....

A very happy chin likes his chin scratched.