Yet Another Scream

Occasionally, I enjoy painting.  I used acrylic on canvas and large brushes.  The entire painting  is white on black.

This is now framed and hanging in my dad’s bedroom, along with other “Screams” that I’ve made.

Til’ Death Partner

to the end  In 2004, I took this photo for extra credit in art class.  My intent (then) was focussed on this young girl, mourning the loss of parents.

10 years later, I found this photo in a box.  Of course, my instinct was to roll my eyes at my past teenage angst.  After that reaction, I kinda just stared at it.  Something was off.

Upon reviewing the photograph, my eyes were drawn to the dates on the joined headstone. This couple died 9 days apart from each other.  Nine days isn’t enough to mourn.  It’s as if they promised they would be together always.

Call me sentimental, but I hope someday I will find my til’ death partner.

Anywhere but Here.


I just want a vacation from life.  Anywhere but here would be nice.



The Haunt

tempestEver feel like there’s something lingering about?  Not necessarily a ghost or a paranormal being…more like an emotion.

Sometimes I have a sense of dread.  A feeling of oppression.  It’s a frightening feeling!  There’s a darkness in my soul and I just want it to go away.

This photo was taken a while ago in color but I decided to edit in in Photoshop to play with the levels and, of course, change it to black and white.

I wish you all the best and have a good weekend.

High school days

high schoolI took this photo senior year of high school with a black and white disposable camera. Before digital cameras were super affordable.
The assignment was to show loneliness but what I really found was that I was harboring a lot of demons in my life. Even though the photograph has someone walking through it, it’s too dark and the focal point is, well not focal…I still have a strange connection to this shot.
High school is a dividing point for people. Either you sail above and want to remember it as the best years of your life, or you hide it away in the back of your mind.
I was one of those people who just barely made a blip on the radar. It’s okay with me though, I’ve accepted that I’m a special case. Mind you, it took 10 years to get here but I’ve accepted myself.
So on this lovely Throwback Thursday, I hope you all enjoy the best memories and accept the past for what it is (the past).

I Heart You

I Heart You

I got really bored yesterday so I thought I’d draw something…a heart…Why not? Just make it anatomical. Yes. That’s totally normal.
Painting done using Photoshop CC with a wacom bamboo tablet.

In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

This was taken in high school for an art project. We were each given black and white disposable cameras (yes, before digital photography was an everyday item!) with the assignment to capture loneliness. Sure, it’s posed but it stuck out to me.

It’s almost mother’s day and I would like to wish all mothers everywhere the very best.  Although this is a dark photo, it has purpose.

The headstones my mom is kneeling by are baby memorials. It took my mom 5 years to have me and an additional 5 years for my sister. She was told she would never have kids. She nearly gave up after a miscarriage. This photo is for all the mothers who lost a child.


Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

This photo was taken while on my vacation at the Outer Banks.
My sister was in awe of the ocean. She was too young to remember our trip to Myrtle Beach so this was truly her first time experiencing such a sight.
Edited in Photoshop.

Trent Reznor: Broken

Trent Reznor: Broken

I wish I could remember what song they were playing. The whole concert was an epic blur.
Nine Inch Nails played in Cleveland last summer and I actually was there. Trent’s commitment to his music is outstanding. His raw emotion drives his fans wild.
I took so many photos. This one is edited for contrast and color.



Photo challenge: Take a simple photo and make it eerily dark.
This man is a construction worker at my school. He was kind enough to let me take his picture. As sweet as he seemed in real life, his photo turned into a jarring image- almost villain-esque.