Its the simple things that make me happy.  Digital painting always cheers me jelly1digital jelly

So I was trying to retouch a photo I took at the zoo several years ago and I decided to just paint it!  My first attempt was…ok.  Not bad.  I’m pleased with how the second turned out.


I Am Not Finished

I am Not Finished

“I am not finished.”

I’d like to talk about Edward Scissorhands.  Despite his jarring appearance, he was just a boy who never was taught the ways of society.  With an open mind, he discovers the traditions of the “real world.”

Many times he is taken advantage of for his innocence.

Innocence-What a concept.  Wide eyed and naive, this character becomes seasoned in the ways of the world. He develops feelings and emotions he never experienced before; anger, sadness, jealousy and regret.

Those feelings of jealousy and regret (in my opinion) stings the most.   We become so caught up the “real world” that we have lost ourselves.  We lost our innocence.

What would “little” you say to the lifestyle you currently live?

“I am not finished.”  Words to live by.  Keep that childlike innocence alive.

Yet Another Scream

Occasionally, I enjoy painting.  I used acrylic on canvas and large brushes.  The entire painting  is white on black.

This is now framed and hanging in my dad’s bedroom, along with other “Screams” that I’ve made.

Before and After



Photoshop gives us the ability to look like a movie star.  I used some airbrushing techniques to make my lovely sister look…well…lovelier!

Remember, no one is perfect.  Photoshop can help.

All Hail The Queen!


Bianca Del Rio!  Created with Adobe Illustrator.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I hope the queen herself approves…

Fashion Victims.



I couldn’t help myself.  A long, long time ago, Michael Kors said an outfit on Project Runway was “Slutty, slutty, slutty.”  I’ve been meaning to make a poster/flier including that little blip of a quote for a while.  Today was that day.

This was created in Illustrator and InDesign.

What Ever Happened to Pinkerton Floyd?

Please enjoy a video I made last Friday.

The premise is simple: Pinkerton is being interrogated and he won’t talk.

Side note:  He does this head shaking thing every time he is held!  Ever since he was a little pup(?) he always reacted like this!  He’s not in pain or anything.  Pinkerton is one of the most pampered chinchillas I’ve ever seen.