Two more steps and I’m out of this darkness

Clawing, pushing and pulling

Something’s holding me back.

Grasping for something to climb on

I want to move forward

But I’m tied to my past.


Slipping back into memories

The kids point and laugh at me…

They keep pushing me down.

What is this force that I don’t see?

Chained to my hands and feet

I just want to go now.


The girl you used to know who used to pick flowers

She’d play outside for hours,

She’d come when you’d call.

That girl is now locked up inside of me,

Caged in her misery

She gave up after the fall.


Falling out of my consciousness

The moments are slipping by

I’m locked in my brain.

Inside, a battle still wages on

It’s still me against her

These feelings remain


The sweet child, the happy one

She’s not taking messages

You can yell all you want, she’s not coming home.

The young girl you once knew

She’s distorted and broken,

Don’t knock she won’t answer; she just wants to be alone.


I can’t make it go away

Try to forget what they’ve done

Memories fleeting in the back of my mind

A voice inside of me keeps on screaming

“Don’t give up! Keep fighting,

This is not your time.”


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