The Currency of Candy


This is Persephone.  She is a candy vampire.

Persephone loves any and all sweet items.  She doesn’t feed on blood but soda pop and licorice instead.

What if candy solved all our problems?  I remember that childhood song, “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops…”  Seems unsanitary now but when we were kids candy falling from the sky was an amazing idea.

I used to be rewarded with candy.  Most children were!  Go to the doctor’s office and leave with a lollipop! Something so simple yet we would do anything for it.  Now as an adult, I find I’d rather be rewarded with money.  Money to pay for my hobbies, a roof over my head, water and electric, funds for medical bills.  What if we could pay with candy?  Oh how nice that would be.

I recall reading about the aristocratic society weighing more.  This is due to the ability to afford food for their family and themselves.  Today, we see celebrities thin and somewhat emaciated. The richer you are, the thinner you are because you can afford to keep yourself healthy.  In shape.  Now there’s a concept.  I’d much rather be curvy than stick-like.  Don’t get me wrong–It’s very important to be healthy.  Exercise and a well balanced diet are important…I’d just rather pay my trainer in chocolate.

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