When the Pet Becomes the Master

14710293636_c555c57fde_oI cherish every moment I have with my kitty. Her name is Romy. (Yes, she has a sister name Michelle) Romy took to me like a fish to water after we adopted her… I was going through rough times and she was a security blanket for me.  She is 15 years old now and I am trying to appreciate her over affectionate attitude; something that bugged me for several years.

The other day, I noticed she was missing. I instantly went into panic mode. Turns out she was playing in the recently cleaned storage room.

We lose track of what’s important to us and get caught up in stupid things we can’t fix.  Cats are more independent than dogs and that’s most likely why I like them so much. We can learn something from our pets. They have two priorities. One: love the master.  Two:obey the master.

What I’m trying to say is that pets are not just animals. They have personality and the capability to love. Take care of your pets because not only do they need you but you need them.


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