High school days

high schoolI took this photo senior year of high school with a black and white disposable camera. Before digital cameras were super affordable.
The assignment was to show loneliness but what I really found was that I was harboring a lot of demons in my life. Even though the photograph has someone walking through it, it’s too dark and the focal point is, well not focal…I still have a strange connection to this shot.
High school is a dividing point for people. Either you sail above and want to remember it as the best years of your life, or you hide it away in the back of your mind.
I was one of those people who just barely made a blip on the radar. It’s okay with me though, I’ve accepted that I’m a special case. Mind you, it took 10 years to get here but I’ve accepted myself.
So on this lovely Throwback Thursday, I hope you all enjoy the best memories and accept the past for what it is (the past).

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