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I’ve been sketching lately.  Here’s the progress and the final product of my latest sketch, “Warrior.”  I didn’t want her to be too pretty.  She’s got a busted nose, black eye, scuffed chin, etc.  You know she’s just been in some street fight.  Girls kick butt though, can I get an amen?

Work was done with three different graphite pencils on sketch paper.

Kissing Booth


Kissing booth

25 cents

Put your lips on hers

But at who’s expense?

Fireworks in your mind

Your lips part

Your eyes meet.

There was for sure a spark

Next in line pushes you away

Back to reality

But in this moment you stay

The fair comes to an end

The glow of the Ferris wheel is no longer

She leaves with a friend

You’ve never felt more somber.

How could she kiss all those other guys?

Didn’t your moment affect her too?

You think to yourself,

“I wonder what else she can do?”

You lay in your bed

Your mind goes wild

Can’t get her out of your head

Can’t stop thinking of her smile

The look on her face as you pulled away

God, there had to be something!

No one just kisses you with such heat.

Why didn’t you say anything?

You idiot! You didn’t speak.

She kissed like, 100 people tonight

Besides, you’re not worth remembering

Awkward, gangly, uptight

And now your hands are trembling

What is it with these other guys?

Out, playing women like Friday night home games

Are they there when their girlfriend cries?

Or are they just in it for fame.

“I totally nailed the head cheerleader”

Locker room banter

You’d never deceiver her

But you’re just a blip on the radar.

What if you could change

Show the suave, debonair man inside?

A change of clothes

Maybe a few crunches at the Y?

Reality check

“She’s All That” wasn’t based on true events.

So you turn on your side

It definitely was a night

New feelings, new senses

And, hey you’re still young

But if you find 25 cents,

Tomorrow you’ll use tongue.

How Politics Ruined My Relationship

I’m sure everyone, even if you don’t reside in the US knows the upset we’re living in right now.  As a millennial, I believe in safe places because sometimes this world is just honestly too much to comprehend.  What if your “safe place” came with a price?  You seek refuge but you become forced to face the very strife you’re trying to avoid?  This was my 9 1/2 month relationship.

It started out okay…he liked different music (a country fan while I dig Nine Inch Nails) but that was tolerable.  We went on cool dates and the more we hung out, the less our differences popped up.  Enter election season.  One day I received a call.  “How can you vote for her and seriously call yourself a Christian?”  This was what I answered the phone to.  What difference does it make?  Isn’t part of being in a relationship supporting one another?  I didn’t bash him for his decision to vote for our now POTUS.  I even spent the night of November 8th at his house just so we could hear who won together.

I thought after the elections were over we would become closer.  I never pulled away like I wanted but sure enough I was still bashed for my disgust in our new President.  Now, I’m not going to riot and say “Not my President” although I totally understand the appeal.  Things may seem fishy about this election but as I sip my tea I know that rioting is not going to change the opinion of the far right.  It’s just going to procure more “whiny babies who don’t work” talk.

For months I tried to cut off the talk of politics.  A few weeks ago he calls me and says, “I can’t talk to you.  I deserve someone I can talk to.”  I said he was right on deserving an outlet but he can talk to me about anything…anything EXCEPT politics.  Unfortunately that’s all that was on the menu to converse upon that night.  I recall screaming into the receiver “STOP!  STOP!!  I can’t talk about this” with no avail.  I felt like it was verbal assault.

We broke it off when he couldn’t see that he had an anger problem.  He swore up and down that he was doing all he could in this relationship and I wasn’t pulling my weight.  So, I present to you, anyone who reads this to comment.  Do opposing politics belong in relationships?  Have any of you broke up or maybe found a way to make it work?

Let’s discuss.


Please Don’t Tell Me to Smile

Have you ever noticed how men ask women to smile?  Not even ask…TELL them to smile.  It’s a pet peeve of mine.  In a way, that’s a form of controlling.  I could go way deeper into this subject but I’d probably get heated and this is more about photography.

Meet Camille.  She is a Coconut custom with a SUPER soft alpaca reroot.  I bought her for myself as a 30th birthday present.  Despite her painted on permanent frown, she really is sweet.  An instant fave.

Photos were taken with an Olympus Digital Camera.  A point and shoot as I do not have the funds for a DSLR.  Maybe someday….


Oh My Darlin’

Digital Painting of Clementine

I did this on New Year’s Day, 2016.  I’m trying to get back into art, doing the photoshop work and it’s amazing how much things change with each update!!

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy this digital painting of Clementine, an Elfdoll Dami.


Bowie, Is there Life on Mars?


Bowie.  What else is there to say?

Digital painting done with a wacom bamboo tablet in Adobe Photoshop.

Mina Plath

I adopted this lovely Minifee ShuShu from a friend a while ago.  She has a Viridian House face up!  I named her Mina Plath.  I wanted to name her Sylvia but I think Mina suits her better.

Photos were taken with an Olympus point and shoot with a pinhole setting.

Tokissi Cutie Painting

Tokissi Bunny Painting

So it’s a new year and that means new plans.  I’ve been working diligently on my digital art and here is the first of many.  In the archives, the original photo can be found.

I used a wireless Wacom Bamboo tablet to create this.  I hope you all enjoy it!


Funny Bunny


This is Tookie.  I recently “adopted” her from a lovely lady in the UK.  She is a Tokissi Rabbit.

Tokissi rabbits are made in South Korea.  They come in various colors and their eyes can be changed, similar to ball jointed dolls.  They are made of PVC.  The cool thing about the brand Tokissi is the translation of their name.  “Tokissi” is a combination of the word “rabbit” and “miss” or “mister.”  So, this doll could be a boy.  Normally, they wear dresses but I still thought it was worth noting that they are gender neutral.

This photo was taken around 6:30 or 7 am here in Ohio.  (The best time for sunny shots.)  I used a regular point and shoot camera with a pop art setting.